Virtual Excursions Intro

Our virtual excursions are distance engagement programs that provide participants with the opportunity to learn about rural life in Morocco, the Amazigh culture, and community development in the remote regions of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert of Morocco.

The programs are created in response to the current challenges of global travel and the ever present need for authentic global engagement for educators, students and communities. The programs support the local Moroccan communities by providing income to locals and donations to local community associations and cooperatives.

The virtual excursions are designed to provide flexible and personalized content to fit educators’ curriculum needs. The content is appropriate for university and advanced high school students.

The virtual excursions can:

  • Supplement an existing course.
  • Be the foundation of a new course.
  • Replace a cancelled or postponed foreign travel program.

Program Content

Asynchronous Content

Narrated Powerpoint Presentations
Text & Photos
PDF Documents (Course Materials)

Synchronous Content

Group Discussions
Community Workshops
Virtual Lessons
Small Group or One-on-One Interviews

Learning Management System Options

Build Your Program

All programs include the Core Content. The cost varies based on the class sizes and the quantity of Specialized Content – Asynchronous and/or Synchronous. Cost can be calculated on a per student or per class basis.

Core Content

Includes 30+ self-paced virtual lessons. Provides a broad overview of Amazigh culture in Morocco using the region of Zawiya Ahansal as a case study.

Specialized Asynchronous Content

Custom lessons in your preferred format developed and based on your course’s field of study.

Specialized Synchronous Content

Custom live lessons, discussions, workshops, interviews based on your course’s field of study.

Specialized Content Topics

  • North Africa, Morocco, Islam
  • Amazigh Culture, Indigenous Peoples
  • Non-profit & Community Development
  • Public Health
  • Women & Gender Issues
  • Architecture
  • Diversity Studies
  • Foreign Language – French, Arabic, Tamazight
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources

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