Morocco: Sustainable Community Development

A Community Design Build Program

Architecture – Arch 471 or Arch 525 (6 credits)


2014 Architecture Program Brief
The pinnacle project of the 2014 program is a design build project that will directly benefit the inhabitants of the rural region of Zawiya Ahansal, Morocco. Students from Montana State University and Oxford Brookes University have been invited by the Atlas Cultural Foundation to design and build a laundry wash station in the village of Amezray. The laundry wash station will provide a village with an alternative to washing clothes in the river and help solve the problem of river health.

Students will work side by side with local craftsmen and fellow students, analyze and solve on site design build issues, work with traditional building materials and tools, and see first hand the impact architecture has on the revitalization of a community.

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Architecture students will also have the opportunity to:

• Visit the Atlas Cultural Foundation’s restoration projects.
• Learn about and observe traditional stone and rammed earth building techniques.
• Participate in a community preservation and architecture workshop with the Atlas Cultural Foundation and local association Amezray SMNID.

In addition to the program’s service learning component, students will:
• learn and practice cultural competency methods.
• gain life skills required for living and working in a rural developing region.
• learn about NGO management and programming.
• learn about ancient building techniques.
• Explore and discuss architectural theory.

Key Dates:
January 31, 2014: Application Deadline
May 8, 2014: MSU students arrive to Morocco.
May 10 – June 8, 2014: Construction of wash station. Oxford Brookes students in Morocco.

Key Individuals:
Lead faculty: Chris Livingston, MSU

Key web-links:

General Program Information
Montana State University, Office of International Programs:
School of Architecture, Montana State University:
School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University:
Atlas Cultural Foundation:

For additional information about this program, contact:

Cloe Medina Erickson, Program Director, 406-581-1865
Chris Livingston, AIA, Architecture Faculty,, 406-994-6985
Kevin Brustuen, OIP Program Coordinator,, 406-994-7512