Virtual Excursion: Rural Morocco & Amazigh Culture – Al Akhawayn University

November 15, 2020: Program Start Date, Asynchronous Lessons
December 18, 2020: Synchronous Discussions

Welcome to the virtual excursion Rural Morocco and Amazigh Culture. This distance engagement program provides Al Akhawayn students with the opportunity to learn about rural life in Morocco, the Amazigh culture, and community development in the remote Zawiya Ahansal region of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

How to have the best experience:
1. Complete all of the asynchronous lessons prior to the synchronous discussions.
2. Prepare one or two questions for the discussions and give them to Dr. Zvan-Elliott before December 16.
3. Read the ‘Guidelines for Virtual Discussions’ document under the Materials tab at the top of the page.